Hidden Mini Wifi Camera Car Dvr Dual Lens Auto Video Recorder Dashcam Registrator



• Item name: E-ACE 1080p WiFi Car DVR
• Model number: EA318
• Description: Hidden mini DVR/dash cam with two camera lenses
• Camera resolution: 1200 megapixels (front)
• Video resolution: 1920 x 1080p, 1280 x 720p, 720 x 480p (adjusted through the app)
• Video format: AVI
• Image format: JPEG
• TF card request: 8–32 GB (high-quality Class-10 only)
• Functions: G-sensor, digital zoom, motion detector, loop recording, TF card, time/date display, microphone, dual lens, rear-view imaging, 3D noise reduction, digital anti-shake, WDR, etc.
• Built-in battery: Yes
• DC in: 5 V / 1.5 A
• WiFi: Built-in 2.4 G wireless WiFi module with video output support (for Android/iOS)
• WiFi control via phone: Live preview, playback, sharing, and device management on your smartphone

Key Features:
• Installed discreetly, unobtrusive to look at
• Supports two camera lenses: 170° (front), 120° (back)
• Large camera lenses, F2.0 large aperture
• Format TF card reminder
• App supports all languages (the app uses the same language your phone system uses)

How to download the app:
For Android and iOS users, search for "WCVR-DUAL" in Google Play or other app store.


Hidden DVR/dash cam with WiFi

1) Usable in most cars
2) Unobtrusive installation
3) Full HD 1080P
4) WiFi control
5) Easy to install

Full HD 1080p camera lens

6 glass HD lenses
Video resolution: 1920 x 1080p

Features display
1. Connect WiFi control

Go to your app store, search for "WCVR-DUAL", and then download and install it on your smartphone. You are now able to watch real-time videos and control the DVR via the app.

2. Smart format card reminder

If your memory card is full, the DVR will remind you by making a ringing sound. Don't worry - all your videos are locked and cannot be overwritten.

3. Hidden installation

The DVR is easy to install and will not block or obstruct your view when driving.

4. Built-in battery

Our built-in super capacitor battery saves all settings (language, date and time, etc.) and won't burn the mainboard when the car engine starts. (Reminder: The built-in battery is very small and cannot power the DVR for long periods of time. If you want to use the parking monitor and movement detection functions, we recommend buying a parking cable.)

5. Loop recording: You can set the loop recording time to 1/2/5 minutes. If the TF card is full, the dash cam will delete previous video files and save the newer ones.

6. Movement detection: When in parking monitor mode, the dash cam will start recording automatically if movement is detected in front of the camera.

7. 170° wide angle: Supports wide angle recording.

8. G-sensor: Important video files will be locked automatically.

Using the app

1) Download the WCVR DUAL app and install it on your smartphone.
2) Find and connect the DVR via WiFi. (the WiFi name is "WCVR-Dual****" and the default password is "99999999").
3) Open the operation interface on the app.

Please read the following information carefully before using this product

1) Use the original charger connected to the car cigarette lighter to power the DVR.
2) Insert a TF card into the DVR. It will turn on the WiFi automatically. The smartphone can connect to the DVR WiFI. The WiFi name is "WCVR-Dual****" and the default password is "99999999".
3) We recommend you use 720p camera resolution when on the app. 1080p has a higher transmission rate and may cause video delays.
4) When the memory card is full, the DVR will remind you. Please then format the TF card on your app or computer.

App screen display

Dimensions and details (please allow for slight variations due to manual measurement)


1) One-click: start/stop recording & turn DVR on/off
2) Long press: turn WiFi on/off
3) Microphone
4) WiFi light
5) Reset
6) TF card


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