FitPro HR Smartband - by Epiktec


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The NEW Way To Monitor Your Performance, Keep Yourself Accountable, And Get Results!

Train like a PRO with FitPro Heart Rate Smartband. Keep a complete health record of your body using the HEART RATE SENSOR & track your performance during sports workout. It's time to perfect your everyday training with the Smartest Watch. The FitPro Heart Rate Smartband is the NEW way to get results!


Up-to-the-minute heart rate readouts (using PPG technology) give you the ability to accurately evaluate your performance in the gym. Gain the ability to keep your heart rate within a VERY specific range for targeted training and improved results. You can also analyze your body’s recovery capacity by calculating how long it takes for your heart rate to return to a resting level post-workout. 

Activity Level 

The pedometer function allows you to track your daily step count to ensure you hit your goals and stay as active as possible, good up to a maximum speed of 18 km/hr. 

After you input your weight, height, and gender, you’ll also get an accurate calculation of how many calories you’ve burned each day, making calorie counting a thing of the past so you can lose weight EASILY.


Track not only the QUANTITY of your sleep (how much time you actually spend asleep), but the QUALITY of your sleep! 

Ever wondered how you could seemingly get 8 hours of sleep, but not feel rested or recovered when you get up in the morning? Now you can examine your sleep quality to determine what works (AND what doesn’t) when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.



  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • OLED Display
  • Date and Time
  • Vibration Alarm capable
  • 12-hour continuous HR monitoring
  • 30-day Data Storage
  • 20 Sports Activity slots
  • 20 Sleep Data slots
  • HR Zone Analysis 
  • Intensity Curve
  • Activity Comparison
  • 5-7 Days of Standby Time
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Works with iPhone and Android devices
  • Not waterproof, resists sweat and silicone protects device from regular water use
  • Apps to use with: Movnow iPhone/Android and Keyband
  • Download English instruction guide here.


App to Use:

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
This works ok for the money.

At first it only showed military time. Once I charged it, it was fine. It's a bit trickey to charge it because you have to attach the charger just right. Keeps your steps fairly accurately but sometimes gives you extra steps. I really like being able to move my wrist to see the time and date, then being able to see my steps and such. I also like that it tells you to get after w while if you have been sitting too long. The app that goes with this was easy to find and install and paired easily to the watch. The actual app really needs some updating.

This watch does not disappoint at all.

It has been very accurate and works perfectly for me. It looks great too and has a very functional and normal watchband. It tracks Heart rate, steps,calories just like all the other watches. The app is actually very impressive and is very user friendly. I would definitely recommend this watch to a friend. I uploaded as many pictures as I could to show you guys as much as possible. Suffice to say, this watch is a great buy. I bought this watch in order to have the latest style in a fitness wearable.

I recommend to buy it.

The product is the same as the description others give, which is the best choice for people loving sports. It has low price with good quality. I recommend to buy it. But don't set your expectations to high and compare it with other fitness tracker watches. That's because, they all have their ups and downs. ;)

The differences between the expensive ones and this are apparent.

Great price for constant a HR band and bluetooth pairing device! It's easier to use and cheaper than an apple watch or fitbit.
The differences between the expensive ones and this are apparent.

only issue is that it doesn't have seconds on it.

Started off taking about a week of wearing the fitness tracker before it stored the information for more than 24 hours on the downloaded app on my phone. Took over a week before it registered my sleep pattern. Otherwise, now that it is registering everything I love the watch. It is slim, the only issue is that it doesn't have seconds on it. Otherwise great purchase.