KIDEAZ 3G Kids GPS Smart Watch Anti-Lost Tracker - Color Touch Screen & Camera - By Epiktec

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Your kid will be pleased with the BIG Color Touch Screen and will have an incredible user experience with the Android System which allows installing other apps on the watch.

Make sure your kids are safe everywhere they go with the NEW 3G Kids GPS Smart Watch Anti-Lost Tracker communicate with them while they are playing outside, create a safe zone where they can play around, use SOS feature if they need your help.

Amazing Features:

  • 1.54"Full Color Touch Screenfor a better user expirience.
  • Support 3G and 2G network,working well all over the world.
  • Buit-in 200M Camera, you can take photos anytime!
  • SOS emergency call function. Two-way Phone Call + SOS Get contact with your kids anytime anywhere.
  • Real-time GPS monitoring positioning / base station aided positioning support for single positioning and continuous tracking. A variety ways of positioning with GPS+AGPS+LBS+WIFI
  • Real-time trajectory tracking accurate to seconds. 
  • Support SMS / computer platform / mobile client queries, SMS and Internet query location information, Google plane and satellite map.
  • Emergency alarm / alarm / electronic fence / low battery alarm / history track record, playback.
  • Remote monitoring, high sensitivity microphone, know your kids´ surrounding environment.
  • Alimentary grade silica gel. Perfectly safe for your kid, toxin free cooking quality (has been certified).
  • Android operating system allow to install other apps.

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    Package Contents:

    Choose your Kid Favorite COLOR !!!

    Kids GPS Tracker Smartwatcheswearable devices address this developing safety market, and provide improved security with low priced peace-of-mind solutions for modern mobile-family.

    This GPS tech is incredible. You could be at work in the office or anywhere and pull-up the map on your mobile phone and know where your children are and make sure they are safe.

     Provide to your kids the safety environment they need.

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    • This Color Touch Screen Kids GPS Tracker Smartwatch works worldwide.You only have to insert a MICRO SIM CARD from your local phone company. This device operates as a small cellphone.
    *Operators supported:
    AUSTRALIA: Optus / Telstra / Vodafone / Virgin / Three
    CANADA: Microcell / Rogers
    USA: T-Mobile (Internet) / AT&T / T-mobile / AT&T2
    • Medium waterproof protection. Kids can splash it. Not manufactured to swim with it or to go under the shower. It is made to resist every day water use. The USB port is protected for external water, if this silicone protection is not closed properly, water can come in. If it is plunged into water, for long time, water can come in by this plug space. This device was tested under water by our supplier and it continuous to work properly.