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Satisfied Customer

I love the weight lifting gloves I received. The are comfortable and perfect for my workouts. I received them within a month of placing my order. Thank you Bodeaz.

Got the Delivery and a Gift

Just received the product in good condition. Thanks for the gift.

Great like always

Great like always! It is the 6th month with the patches! If You don't have the time for the gym, You must have it!

Item ships fast

No need to worry about endless hours at the gym or strict diets. Slim Fit patches and a sensible diet will suffice. Item ships fast.

Lost 3 inches

Lost 3 inches in a month from my tummy area just by wearing these patches every day and drinking plenty of water.

Fast Delivery

First order from Bodeaz, came here in 7 days, thank you!

Natural Product

I searched about the product and this slim fit weight loss patch is 100% natural and it has positive reviews so now am using this and happy with the product.

Good way to lose fat

A good way to lose your belly fat by using slimfit weight loss patches.

Thumbs up for Delivery

Fast Delivery. Great Communication.Lost 3lb in 8 days.

Nice Patch

I like this patch a lot. I bought for my wife and I saw the results in a few weeks and I reordered it 2x and will continue to order.. thanks!

Highly Recommended

I am Very happy with the result, I and my friends use this awesome product now I Highly recommend this product to every one.


Without any diet without exercise you can lose your belly fat like me by using this slim fit patch, it is very comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Very fast Delivery

The product arrived the next day after I purchased it at like 1 pm the day before so 5 stars for promptness!
I bought this because of all the good reviews and I am very excited to try it out as I haven't used a patch before. I am 165 lbs at 5-foot4 inches. Hoping for Good results.

Love the product

Love this! Put it on in the morning and forget about it all day until I come to shower at night! cant believe how something so simple can reduce my appetite! well worth buying!

Osm product

Osm product. The use of the slim fit weight loss patches is very simple and only requires you to put your patch on like a plaster and change it every 6 hours. Simple to use and comfortable.

Its Nice using the patches for over 30 day

I have been using the patches for over 30 days. As it only contains natural ingredients, it is safe to use as it has no known side effects associated with it. It is easy and convenient to use every day and no skin irritation.

Recommended seller

Recommended seller good packaging they also sent me a gift a motion sickness patch plus all the products have long expiration dates.

Highly recommend slim fit weight loss patches

Love this product, perfect patch for the stomach. The best part it contains scientifically proven ingredients, which actively burn fat. I highly recommend slim fit weight loss patches.

Large Slim Patches

These patches were a pleasant surprise. I thought they would be smaller but I was wrong. The size is great because it covers your problem area very well on the stomach. I will continue using and hopefully, this will be the answer to my prayers. Can't forget to mention the price is the best out there and the delivery time was faster than I expected.

Amazing transformation of mine

As soon as I noticed that my belly started getting bigger I immediately searched for a solution, I came across the belly patches and haven't looked back.

Quick Delivery and Well Packed Delivery

I received the product today 5 May 2018 well packed and I have tried it on. feels very comfortable like you have not worn a patch at all. In addition, the seller has added a complimentary motion sickness patch as well. Hope the weight loss patch works. Will post an additional review with the results. Wish me luck

Just the boost I needed

These patches have given me the boost I needed: a boost to my energy levels but mostly a boost to my weight loss and desire to exercise. I feel so much happier after only 2 weeks of use.

Sexy Leggings

bought a pair for my wife and she loves them.

Shines bright like a diamond

The sequin gleams every time it passes through a light and it shines and glimmers like a diamond. I feel like a star when it does that. absolutely gorgeous bikini.

Give them a lil H (onesty)

The swimsuit is made of good quality. Sequined swimsuit is quite unheard of (for me). Got curious and bought it. I was completely astounded by how beautiful it looks and have fallen in love with it