You can contact us directly on our live chat bubble on our website and as well at our Help Center Website.

We do our best to answer quickly, emails will be answered anywhere between 2 minutes to 24 hours. If after 24hrs you did not received a reply please do not worry, you will be receive a response as our messages are answered in priority sequence. We advise to only reply using the same email thread, so we can have all your requests in the same conversation and to refrain from duplicate messages as it only slows our customer service response time,.

How can I pay on Bodeaz.com?

Bodeaz.com accepts payment from the main credit cards companies using the Shopify Payment Processor which is really secured and can process the main credit cards. 

Are there shipping fees?

Shipping fees apply to our products and depend on the weight and number of items you order. Shipping fees start at 4.99$

When will I receive my order?

The shipping time varies from one location to the other from one item to the other. Not every product comes from the same supplier, so you may receive many packages for an order containing many items. While shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking information. Bodeaz.com is not responsible for your destination country customs delays or charges, or for products held by your local customs laws.

Average Shipping time per countries is as followed:

USA: 7-30 days

CA: 7-30 days

AU: 10 to 40 weeks*

Other countries: 15 to 45 weeks*

* Average shipping times, please note that the shipping time during holidays may take a little longer. All our orders are processed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours, but we do not have any control on customs delays, holidays or on shipping companies’ logistics management. Please note that Bodeaz.com is not responsible for countries customs delays.

How can I track my orders?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email including your tracking number for each of the item you ordered. You may receive multiple emails if you ordered different products. The tracking webpage is always specified on this email.

If you can't track your order on the provided website try these ones: 

1- https://www.17track.net/en

2 - http://www.yw56.com.cn/english/index.aspx

3- http://track-chinapost.com/

4- http://www.mtytrack.com/

Please note that shipping companies do not update their webpages daily. Sometimes, it can take 5 to 10 days to see the tracking information on their websites.

What currency is Bodeaz.com using?

Bodeaz.com is using USD($). If you wish to know the current exchange rate for your country, check it here: http://www.xe.com/  


Can I cancel my order?

If you just passed your order, contact us, unfortunately we can NOT guarantee that your order will be cancelled within any specific time frame, but we will try our best to locate your order and make the cancellation. Once you pass your order, we have an automated system that help us ship your order in less than 24h. For that reason, it is almost impossible for us to process a cancellation in time. Please note that in the case we can cancel your order there is a  $4.95 cancellation fee for refund system transactions.


Can I get a refund?

Returns and Exchanges can be made by Bodeaz.com. 

To return or exchange products you have to contact our customer service within seven (7) days of receiving your package, this date will be verified with tracking information.  You must email customer service within five business days to request the return or exchange, any claims made after seven (7) days will NOT be accepted

On returned items and exchanges, a store credit will be issued to you. A store credit is a unique gift card number that is emailed to you. You can use it towards any future purchase on Bodeaz.com or any of our affiliated websites. A store credit never expires. 

Contact us for shipping address, please NEVER send it to the address on the box. Package needs to be shipped to the office that process the refunds. If you send it to the package address, your package will get lost, or shipped back to you, and never arrive to the right department for refund. 


Please visit our Policies & Returns page for more information.

Make sure you read the “Policy exclusions” as some items cannot be returned.

All products need to be returned with all it's original components, i.e boxes, chargers, manuals, etc. We will not refund the value of each missing component. For example $5.00 for boxes and $2.00 for manuals.



Can I change my shipping address?

If you just passed your order, contact us, we will try our best to locate your order and make the changes. All orders are processed really fast, If any wrong address is provided contact us as soon as possible. Once shipped we can’t make any address changes. 


If your package is already shipped or processed by warehouse (we have a really fast order processing) any address changes can to be made with the shipping carrier. Our customer service team will provide you the carriers contact information. 


Can I change the color of my item?

If you just passed your order, contact us, unfortunately we can NOT gaurtuntee that we will beable to modify your order, but we will try our best to locate your order and make the changes. Once you pass your order, we have an automated system that help us ship your order in less than 24h. Because of that short delay, it sometimes can be impossible for us to make any changes on your order. 


In this case, we suggest to order another item with the right color, and while you receive the first one, just send it back to us and we will refund you the product value. We do not refund the shipping cost.

What if item is broken or defective?

We make the best efforts to ensure that all orders are carefully inspected by our staff for damages and defects prior to leaving the warehouse.

In the case of defective or wrong items, please contact customer service via e-mail within ten (10) business days of delivery and provide the nature of the defect. Any claims made after (10) business days will NOT be accepted. Our excellent customer care team will work with you to resolve the situation.


In a case of a "Manufacturer Defective Item" or a wrong item sent to you, a new product will be sent to replace the damaged one. We will send you a new item as soon as possible. We are always available to help you solve any issues.


For a fast request processing, please follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. You must notify  Bodeaz.com about defective or wrong items within five (7) business days of delivery.
  2. Contact us with the invoice number (Starts with #F….), contact information, and a list of defective items. 
  3. For each defective item you must submit to our contact center a picture or small size video of the defective item showing clearly the defect. Describe the damage that has occurred.
  4. Once we have received the claim from you, along with the product images or videos, our customer representative will inspect your order and contact you and a new product will be sent to you to replace the defective one.  


What if I did not receive my item?

All our orders are processed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours, but we do not have any control on customs delays, holidays or on shipping companies’ logistics management. If you did not receive your item in our usual shipping delay, please contact us and we will help you finding out where is your package. No refund will be provided for items held at your local customs.

We care about you and want to provide you a fair solution.

Are there any custom taxes to pay?

We are not responsible for any custom duty or import taxes. Items are shipped as gifts with a value of (5$ - 35$). There should be no taxes to pay. In the event where the item is held by custom you will need to clear the custom charges. No refund will be provided for items held at the custom.

Most countries allow residence to receive gifts without tax. However, buyers are responsible for any tax or charges applied by the local authorities.