Which Reusable Water Bottle Fits Your Personality?

September 06, 2018 2 min read

Which Reusable Water Bottle Fits Your Personality?

Water is truly the MVP. There are so many benefits to drinking water, it’s hard to keep track of just how many amazing things it does for our body.

Want good skin? Drink water. Want to get motivated? Pour yourself a glass of delicious H20. Want to enhance those workouts? You guessed it...water.

Staying hydrated is half the battle of exercising, but now you can do it with our collection of super cute eco-friendly reusable water bottles.

We all have different styles and personalities, so why should we carry boring disposable water bottles? That’s why our reusable water bottle collection is perfect for everyone, so no matter what you love, you can still accessorize with these reusable water bottles and meet all your hydration goals.

What Reusable Water Bottle Suits You

For The Fashion-Forward

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a fashionista, then theFitMesteel thermal bottle with marble design is the perfect accessory. This reusable water bottle is BPA free and thermally insulated, so it keeps hot drinks hot, and cold water cold. Plus, it’s cute as hell and comes in many different styles to match everything in your closet.


For The Juice Junkie

If you love a little pick-me-up juice in the morning, then ourShakeFit Electric Juiceris a perfect match. Now, you can really squeeze the day and take your fresh juices and smoothies anywhere you go. You can even charge this reusable water bottle via a USB charger so it will never run out. We think this one isberry apeeling.



For The Tea Enthusiast

Pretty and practical, ourPortable Leak-Proof Tea Bottle is a must for all tea lovers on the go. The eco-friendly BPA-free plastic bottle comes with a built-in tea-infuser for loose leaf tea. It can also be used as fruit infuser for regular water. We guarantea this reusable water bottle will please even the most hardcore tea fans.  


For The Protein Shake Makers

Your days of drinking clumpy protein shakes on the way to work are over. Now, with ourShakeFit Cyclone Protein Shaker, your morning or post-workout shakes will be perfectly blended. This reusable water bottle is BPA-Free, stainless steel, and durable. Just add batteries and this bad boy will tear through the thickest powders with ease.

For The Minimalist

If you prefer to keep things nice and sleek, than theFitMe Stainless Steel bottle will blend perfectly into your surroundings. It comes in sleek silver, glam gold, and rad rainbow so you can mix and match this reusable water bottle for all occasions. Perfect for your favourite hot or cold beverage, this little guy will keep you hydrated and save the environment in one swoop.


Shop our collection of reusable water bottles here.

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