Ways to Gain Healthy Weight for Skinny People

July 05, 2019 1 min read

Ways to Gain Healthy Weight for Skinny People


We collected a few simple tips on how to gain healthy weight naturally and fast without pills or hard work!
There is so much information about weight loss, but how do you act to achieve the opposite? The basic principles are the same for losing and gaining extra weight. Are you a "hard gainer" or just want to build up lean muscles? Some of the essential points that should be in consideration for gaining healthy weight.

1) Since our body composition is 80% diet, we should not ignore the cruсial role of food in a weight gain struggle. An average person needs around 3500 calories to gain a pound. You need an extra 500 calories a day if you want to put on extra weight in a week.
2) Protein is the key for muscle building; it will help you gain muscle weight rather than fat mass. Good sources of protein are red meat and poultry, eggs, whole grains. Salmon is high in calories and healthy fats. Yogurt is high in protein too. 

Discover more about the ways to gain weight watch the video below...

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