How Elastic Laces can make your Life more Comfortable!

July 17, 2017

How Elastic Laces can make your Life more Comfortable!

Footwear designs move fast nowadays, so why do we keep tying our shoes with elastic strings? Elastic shoe laces turn any shoe into a slip-on. It's convenient, easy and saves time. Plus it looks better.

The Elastic Lacing System connects each pair of eyelets separately. This allows you to customize your fit with different tension levels for different parts of your shoe.

Never Tie Laces! How It Works...

The Elastic Lacing System is a no-tie shoelace alternative designed to adapt to your life and how you move. The modular design and smart material allow you to target how your shoe fits along different parts of your foot, providing personalized comfort and flexibility with each step.

Whether running, traveling, training, or on your feet all day, your shoes will fit like a glove and look better, too.

Really easy to use. You just slip each one through a shoelace hole, then hook it to the corresponding hole.

Once you install laces, you’ll never have to tie or untie your shoes again. Slip shoes on to run errands, walk the dog, or switch between pairs with ease.

Bright, easy, and customizable, Lacing System is a universal product fit for everyone.

The Gear You Must Have for Gym

Granted, the bunny-ear method doesn’t take exceptionally long. So, while you might save a minute each day, these laces' real hack comes from their ability to customize fit.

There are multiple ways to snap the Elastic Laces onto your sneakers, each providing a different feel — if the toe box feels a little too roomy, use the "tight fit" lacing technique to make it snugger.
Triathletes are fans of these laces since slip-on help speed up the transition from bike shoes to sneakers for the last leg of the race.

And, from a functional-fashion standpoint, Elastic Laces means no dangling laces to trip over, and no tucking in the bunny ears for a cleaner look.

You can even mix and match the colors and styles to personalize your sneaks.



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