Get Your Abs Back In Only 1 Workout Thanks To These 2 Exercises

May 03, 2017 1 Comment

Get Your Abs Back In Only 1 Workout Thanks To These 2 Exercises

Your butt and core are important muscles

The most vulnerable muscles in your body that accumulates fat fast are around your belly, lower and mid back. When you start putting on weight around these areas it could be quite alarming especially to give you health issues and above all take that confidence away from you.

Keeping your butt and core in shape would take a concerted effort of targeted exercises to just keep those muscles where they should be and that is as close to your frame as possible giving you that slim and proportionate body which could be the envy of others.

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Warning – These Exercises Will Bring You Instant results But Can Be Hard

The following video is just one of the many available online which could get you back into shape but you would need to follow it at the beginning with ease so that you would not strain your muscles or pull one which could put you in immense pain.

So you would need to go slow at the beginning and raise the stakes slowly and gradually giving your body the time to adjust and acclimatize to the new routine.

The video would look daunting at the start but once you get into the grove initially doing it at your pace things would get better and your body too would like to follow you through the paces by toning the muscles over a period of time.


Step by step work out

  1. The first exercise takes your legs from the hips downwards on a “world tour” which means that it goes the complete half circle through a 180 degree angle giving every muscle the pull and the strain it requires to keep you trim and healthy.
    The hips too are swirled in symmetry giving every muscle around it just what it needs to be in place and not add on fat when you keep on gobbling unhealthy food.
    With the regime of exercises, you would also need to consume healthy food if not what you try to lose with exercise may come on due to the wrong food intake hence a correlation between the two is necessary.
  1. The second exercise which is raising the legs perpendicularly up and stretching your butt and hips provides the right pull and strain to the muscles around your hips to shape it up well and burn all those unnecessary fat accumulating around it.

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Doing these two sets of exercises four times on the trot and timing the sequence and exercising regularly would definitely tone your butt and core of your body and with that good healthy food should take you on the road to a healthy body and alert mind.

The adrenaline would flow throughout your body giving you the right physical and mental strength to perform your daily chores with a rejuvenated self-confidence which you would have to experience to know what it is.  

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Audrey Hamlyn

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