7 Free Fitness Apps For Workouts & More

August 30, 2018 2 min read

7 Free Fitness Apps For Workouts & More

Working out is easier than ever with fitness apps.Apps can hold you accountable to your goals, introduce you to new workout moves, and make exercising at home a breeze. Not in the mood for an hour-long group session? No worries. Now you can squeeze in a quick 7-minute bootcamp in front of your TV.
We’ve rounded up seven of our fave fitness apps to make all areas of exercise a little bit easier.

Couch To 5K

Want to run a 5k but not ready to give up your Netflix binges quite yet?Couch To 5Kis designed to get you off the couch and running a race injust 9 weeks, using a combination of walking, jogging, and sprinting for great results.


MyFitnessPal is a one-stop shop for calorie, exercise, and diet tracking.Not only can you add your meals to your daily food diary byjust scanning a barcode, it also gives tips, recipes, and advice for a healthier you.

Fitbit App

Even if you don’t have a Fitbit, you can still use the tracker on the Fitbit app tomonitor steps, and activity levels. Instead of tracking the Fitbit, it will track your activity through your phone. Better yet,our collection of smartbands can synch over Bluetooth so you’ll always have your data on hand.

Daily Yoga 

Get down, dog! Wake up every morning feeling refreshed with a dose of Daily Yoga. The app has more than 100 different classes, poses, and workouts on offer, plus a global community of yogis. Hit them up to discuss your fave poses, share memorable yoga moments, and chat all things namaste.

Workout For Women

Workout For Women features short and effective 7-minute exercises that will make you sweat. Each workout has a video and voice over formaximum motivation. Plus, they're beginner friendly and equipment-free so you can shape up anytime, anywhere.

30-Day Squat Challenge 

Who doesn’t love a challenge?This app dares you to squat every day for a month, and features a rotating selection of different moves so you don’t get bored.It tracks your progress on a calendar, and by the end, you’ll have firm glutes, strong legs, and the bikini-ready booty you’ve dreamed of.

Oak- Meditation & Breathing

As much as we love hitting the workouts hard, it’sjust as important to stop and detox for a little. Learn to calm that racing heart with Oak. Unlike other apps on the market, Oak has auser-friendly interface and a huge selection on offer for free.

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