5 Best Workouts To Do With A Waist Shaper

August 16, 2018

5 Best Workouts To Do With A Waist Shaper

Waist trainers and workouts go together like peanut butter and jelly, avocado and toast, and morning and coffee.

While our SlimFit Waist Shaper works great when you’re out and about or doing some chores around the house, you’ll get the best results while wearing it during your workout. It’s a great way to make your exercises more intense, specifically target your core, and work up a harder sweat.

Specifically, waist trainers deliver the best results when used during strength and weight training, because it helps improve posture and keep your core, back, and form strong, burning more calories.

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Best of all? You’ll see results! That hourglass figure you’ve always wanted is just around the corner with these five exercises we recommend with a SlimFit Waist Shaper:

1- Squats

Not only will your butt and thighs thank you, but your lower ab muscles will shape and tone with a waist trainer. It can also help you keep your back straight.

While normal squats will get the job done, including an exercise ball or doing barbell squats can activate more muscles, increasing your results.


2- Planks

A variety of planks, specifically side, up and downs, and spider planking, can really help you keep your waist in shape. Along with your core, your glutes, arms, and back muscles will feel the burn, too. Plus, a SlimFit Waist Shaper will keep your core tight, resulting in a better form.

3- Ball Crunches

Is it really an ab workout unless crunches are mentioned? We don’t think so!

Try using an exercise ball and doing crunches on it to target your lower abs. These are less strenuous than bicycle crunches, and combined with the SlimFit Waist Shaper, you’ll really be able to spot-train those problem areas.


4- Leg Raises

Mix things up and lay down on a bench, hold on to the bar for stabilization, and pull your legs up. Leg raises are one of the best exercises for toning abs and burning fat, as long as you use your abs to pull your legs up as opposed to swinging them. You can even swivel from side-to-side to do a play on a Russian Twist.

Wear our SlimFit Waist Shaper while doing them to mold the body and shape your curves.

5- Side Bends

Side bends can help target love handles, especially when combined with a waist trainer. Use the SlimFit Waist Shaper and bend from side to side, holding dumbbells to increase the intensity. The waist trainer will support your back while keeping it straight, which means the best results for you. Love handles are super tricky to tackle, but with our SlimFit Waist Shaper, you’ll be able to shrink those pesky problem areas in no time. 


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