5 Reasons Why Women should Start Swimming Now

July 10, 2017 1 Comment

5 Reasons Why Women should Start Swimming Now

While all kinds of exercises help in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing, there are a few specific workouts that are highly effective in releasing stress and unwinding after a hectic day at work.

Swimming is one such physical activity that not only helps women fuel their metabolism and burn more calories but also restores their inner peace and stability.

Below, more reasons to add swimming to your regular exercise routine. Read on!

It is a full blown workout session

In addition to being a high-intensity aerobic activity that pumps up your heart rate, swimming also involves rigorous strength training of all the major muscle groups in your body. This ensures that you not only burn a massive number of calories during your workout but also build lean muscle mass that keeps your metabolism high for hours after your workout session.

It is easy on your body

Given the fact that your body seems much lighter in water due to the buoyancy effect, the impact of your workout on your muscles and joints is lighter as compared to when you exercise elsewhere. In other words, swimming makes for a great workout alternative for women who are obese or unable to tolerate high-intensity exercises at the gym.

It is great for your lungs

The importance of fresh air for breathing can be experienced at its peak level when you are inside water. Given the fact that you need to focus heavily on your breathing under water, swimming allows you to adapt to a more efficient usage of oxygen. Studies indicate that an average swimmer typically possesses a better tidal volume (the amount of air being inhaled and exhaled at rest) as compared to those who do not engage in any kind of aerobic activity.


It helps you relax

One of the topswimming benefits is relaxation. A rigorous half hour swimming session on a regular basis has been known to provide instant psychological benefits both in the short as well as long-term. Swimming aids in secreting endorphins or the happy hormones within your brain to release stress and anxiety and restore feelings of optimism and happiness.

It can be done by anyone

While high-impact exercises such as running and jogging are not recommended for pregnant women or individuals with joint pain and injuries, swimming is one workout that can be performed by anyone and everyone. So whether you are expecting a baby, suffering from an injury or are simply looking for a way to unwind, just go for a refreshing swim!

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